Tom Watson Inc (TWI) has been a contractor in the Imperial Valley since 1991 and has installed a multitude of underground utility systems throughout the Valley. Our highly experienced and highly trained personnel in the Underground Division ensure that developers will always receive the best and most efficient crews on their projects, whether installing onsite electrical or offsite electrical. TWI has the ability and experience to install the offsite electrical backbone for your project as well as the underground conduit system for your development.
TWI owns their own equipment, including backhoes, skiploaders, water trucks, compactors, wheel rollers, and more to provide the labor, materials, and equipment needed for a complete turnkey project. Our expert and quality workmanship has excelled on each and every project, which means developers and returning customers ask repeatedly for TWI to perform their work.
TWI has an excellent office staff to support their field and supervisory staff and the combination of such a team means we can deliver everything from a Cost Proposal to a turnkey project for the Client.
Our crews have the ability to complete your project in a timely manner, always on schedule, on budget, and with exceptional quality and workmanship.
Our Underground Division expertise has completed numerous projects throughout the valley including the following:
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