Tom Watson Inc holds the following classification of licenses from the California Licensing Board:

  • A   –  General Engineering Contractor
  • B   –  General Building Contractor
  • C-10  – Specialty License – Electrical Contrator
  • C61/D12  – Synthetic Products
  • C61/D31  – Pole Installation & Maintenance
  • C61/D56  – Trenching

Tom Watson Inc is diverse in their abilities, but we are primarily an electrical contracting company in the Imperial Valley and we provide electrical solutions for Residential, Commercial, Underground Dry Utilities, Offsite and Site Lighting, Consulting Services, Sports Lighting, Solar, and Fiber Optics.

Providing quality workmanship, materials, Project Management, and Office Staff ensures that Tom Watson Inc is giving their customers their best at all times. Our commitment to our customers as an electrical contractor in the Imperial Valley for over (30) years is what Tom Watson Inc values with each and every project. Our Testimony is our repeat customers who know that project budgets and time constraints are top priority and easily managed on every project.

To give our customers quality workmanship, quality crews, quality office staff, and most of all quality projects.

Our Clients.