When considering your consulting needs, consider the company with the very best experience for all of your project needs. Tom Watson Inc (TWI) provides the best of services for our Clients from attending project team meetings, to processing plans with the various agencies required from approval to permits, along with negotiating contracts and easements with the local utility companies for the installation of dry utilities in joint trenches consisting of electric, gas, telephone, and cable television systems.
Our consultation services are an important and crucial step for our clients in the first steps of development for their projects when they utilize our significant resources and knowledge of the local service providers. TWI has been a local contractor to the Imperial Valley since 1991. Our vast experience throughout the years takes the burden of the application paperwork process from the Client and turns in into a turnkey first step of project preparation.
TWI’s consulting includes the following services at a minium:

We fill out the Customer Service Plan (CSP) application for the local power company, we attend the power company meetings and discuss the plans and coordinate the utility electrical distribution layout design.


We prepare the paperwork for the application and the Will Serve Letter, we attend the meetings, discuss the plans and coordinate the conduit layouts to the MPOE.


We coordinate and prepare the Charter Will Serve Letter, attend all the meetings for plan coordination and discussion, and we coordinate the conduit layout design.


We prepare the paperwork and application for the Will Serve Letter, attend all meetings for plan coordination and installation and gas conduit routing.

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